Here we go, again.

January 27, 2020

Long time no see my friend. This is my new blog. The first, second, third attempt to blogging.

I’m planning to write about me digging into 3D printing, tinkering with electronics, building DIY stuff, my first steps in the design space and about my day job and still hobby software development. Don’t forget the frustrating bits — these come included.

For example, I will write detailed articles about how I built air quality measurement devices for my home. Which parts I used, how I wired everything, the code and finally how to break your stuff with pure stupidity.

Well, why am I starting my third blogging attempt now? My New Year’s resolution was buying a 3D printer and printing a lot of useful things. Sounds fun and feasible. Why choosing something you don’t want to do? Yeah, now I have a 3d printer. And a lot of awkward and useless objects. But this blog will help me to focus on printing useful things. Like the self-designed mounting bracket for a wall mounted rail for my kitchen.

Hope to see you soon, when i publish some more articles.

Here is a quick glance at something useless printing.

Printing a Bulbasaur

Printing a Bulbasaur

Ender 3 Pro, PLA